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Application area:

VEGA machine is an hydraulic blender that solves the problem of the manual polishing of the straight profile and the lower and upper 45� chamfer on marble, granite and similar. Thanks to its powerful and speed, it can be applied even to the grinding phase!


It is the first hydraulic flexible machine with rounds regulator to assure a perfect polishing. With the cap, it can realise edging without template.


Other features as the remarkable power � 4 CV - the ability to supply it at the maximum level � from 100 to 4000 RPM � the handiness � only 3 Kg. weight � and the great resistance to the wear make it an incredible instrument in the user�s hands.


Thanks to the internal hydraulic lubrication, it can work without dust and without danger of electric shocks.

Technical features:

Activation Hydraulic

Weight 3 Kg.

Power 4 CV

Engine From 100 to 4000 RPM - variable speed adjustable

Spindle Lubrification Inner water

Safety No electrical current on board the machine

Main Characteristics:

Internal lubrication & cooling system:


before arriving to the machine, the water goes through a water/oil heat exchanger (patented) placed on the gearcase that provides for the oil-dynamic system to cool. Arrived on the machine, it reaches the tool and guarantees a perfect lubrication. Working with a constant temperature assures great performances of the machine and extends the spindle, tools and bearings life

Safety & Health:


without electric current, it eliminates the risk of electric shocks. The lack of dust and noise pollution preserves health