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Application area:

In 1992, OMA SYSTEM created Auctor A92 machine. This machine used the last tecnologies applied to the project and to the materials. The result: a product ahead of time!

It can realize each kind of profile, straight or curved, on marble, granite, synthetic, ceramic and glass slabs. At work ended, the profile is perfectly shaped and polished.

In addition, this machine introduces the first patented oil-dynamic transmission system, that makes it unique for performances and long life.

Technical features:



WEIGHT: Kg. 28

DIMENSIONS: cm. 70 x 45 x 30

PROCESSING TIME: On 3 cm. tick granite, 6 m. of full bullnose profile (V30) is in 1 hour

THICKNESS: cm. 10 max

SPEED REGULATION:Variable speed drive from 0 to 7000 RPM

HANDLE COVER: Ergonomic  Steel core / No-slide rubber cover

Main Characteristics:



it realizes each kind of profile on marble, granite, synthetic, ceramic and glass slabs



countertops, shelves, steps and mantle pieces vanity tops of all size, shape and profile

Great end result of the work:


OMA SYSTEM’s patent avoids the contact between  the machine and the slab to work, because the water creates a protective thin layer to avoid scratches

Internal Lubrication & cooling system:


before arriving to the machine, the water goes through a water/oil heat exchanger (patented) placed on the gearcase that provides for the oil-dynamic system to cool. Arrived on the machine, it reaches the tool and guarantees a perfect lubrication. Working with a constant temperature assures great performances of the machine and extends the spindle, tools and bearings life

Changeable speed:


thanks to the micrometrical variable speed drive, the operator can easily solve complex and difficult situations obtaining great performances with high precision and minimum wear. This result can hardly be obtained with “two-speed” machines

Safety & Health:


without electric current, it eliminates the risk of electric shocks. The lack of dust and noise pollution preserves health