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Application Area:

Polishing  Pos. 4, 5 & 6

TRUELIFE is the name of the tool born from the experience acquired by OMA SYSTEM in sintering and electroplating processes that allows to realize a product able to offer the maximum results in terms of polishing.

TRUELIFE wheels represent the excellence in polishing because they are the result of the best characteristics taken from the TRISTAR wheels and from the DIALUX wheels.

From TRISTAR wheels, TRUELIFE wheels acquire the good point to have the stiffness of the profile. All this guarantees a long life, an excellent polishing result on every type of material and uniformity of the profile.

From DIALUX wheels, TRUELIFE wheels acquire the good point to have the great adaptability and the softness that make the use simpler.

At the same time, TRUELIFE semirigid wheels have eliminated the “old” polishing wheels defects, that are the TRISTAR wheels absolute stiffness and the excessive softness and the detachment of the diamond cloths of DIALUX wheels.

New polishing wheels TRUELIFE: the synthesis of excellence!

Main Features:

Great adaptability to all kinds of material


Extreme softness


Maintenance and uniformity of the geometry of the profile


Great polishing power


Easiness of use


Excellent price/life ratio